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Benefit from plug-and-play strategies crafted by professional traders.

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Advanced Users

Whether you prefer grid trading, scalping, arbitrage, or market making, Gunbot adapts to your style, helping you stay ahead of the competition.


Empower yourself with custom strategies using JavaScript, TradingView or AI.

Gain a competitive edge through seamless API integration with external programs. every kind of market

"automated Trend Detection enables Gunbot to shift between markets"

Bear market

DCA, Reversal trading, Arbitrage, Dynamic exit logic.

These are only a few of the many tools Gunbot uses to profit from falling markets.

Sideways market

Through Grid Bots and automatic pair selection, Gunbot identifies and trades between pairs exhibiting predictable support and resistance lines.

Bull market

Gunbot utilises Trailing, Pull back Buy-in and Scalping to capitalise multiple times on bullish movements to get most out of the rising market.

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Why Choose Gunbot?


Instantly launch profitable pre-tuned strategies like stepgridscalp - simply activate the bot and witness your profits soar effortlessly.


BitRage automates arbitrage trading by detecting and exploiting price variations across markets. Our Market Maker strategically orders to enhance liquidity and profit from spread differences.


Trade simultaneously on multiple exchanges, including DeFi — all while managing an unlimited number of trading pairs.


Finetune your Gunbot strategies without financial risk using our simulator - simulated funds, real market data, zero stakes.


In seconds, prototype new strategy concepts. 

Gunbot AI can create complete custom strategies with just a textual description of your idea.


Your funds are safe with Gunbot. Operating exclusively on your local server, it ensures maximum protection for API secrets with encrypted, password-protected access, and 2FA.

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Support and Community

Gunbot's active user community, filled with experienced members, encourages discussions, acknowledging that everyone was once a novice.


Explore our community-driven marketplace – a gold mine offering a diverse selection of trading configurations for your Gunbot products.

Video Tutorials

Discover regularly updated Gunbot School video courses for easy bot setup. From basics to advanced, master bot usage effortlessly!

Private Support Groups

Get instant support from Gunbot staff and experienced users in our Telegram community. Assistance is available whenever you need it.

Gunbot Wiki

Gunbot's wiki offers detailed documentation on all imaginable settings for the latest stable version, facilitating easy access and in-depth explanation.


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What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a software that automates cryptocurrency trading, allowing you to save time

and execute trading strategies automatically.

Why use a Trading Bot?

A crypto trading bot offers automated execution of trades, providing speed and efficiency in a volatile market. It enables users to implement predefined strategies, minimise emotional decision-making, and capitalise on trading opportunities 24/7.

Does Gunbot buy and sell automatically?

Yes, Gunbot can execute predefined trading strategies automatically, making it

convenient for traders. You can also customise the trading strategy to your


What operating systems can I run Gunbot on?

Gunbot supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and ARM.

What are the minimum requirements to run Gunbot?

Gunbot is resource-efficient and can run on older hardware or even a Raspberry Pi.

What strategies can I run with Gunbot?

Gunbot offers many pre-coded strategies, including Bollinger Bands, TSSL, Gain, and

more. You can also create custom strategies.

Do you offer support?

Yes, purchasing a Gunbot license entitles you to premium support. With

Gunbot, you're never alone. Join our private and expertly staffed Gunbot

community, where you can receive responses to any Gunbot-related inquiry,

often within minutes.

I'm not a regular trader, is Gunbot something for me?

Absolutely! Gunbot helps you accumulate your favorite coins and provides a safeguard against difficult market conditions.

Is it easy to install Gunbot?

Installing Gunbot is straightforward and typically takes only a few minutes, with

step-by-step guides and videos available.

What to do after the trial ends

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